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Hello! My name is Baron, the mind behind

I am a tinkerer at heart.  When I saw that the only available methods to get your device into RCM mode involved very unpolished designs that looked pretty unfit for repeated use, I took it upon myself to engineer something better.  After numerous revisions and days straight spent designing, I am proud to share my design of what I strongly feel is the safest and most reliable jig that can be made.  Feel free to visit the product page for more information, or hit up the contact page if you need further assistance.  We are happy to answer any questions you have!


Hey guys! 

My name is Krystal and I run behind-the-scenes of our private operation, taking care of all your customer service needs! 

We are a highly-motivated duo working full-time jobs while maintaining the jig business out of our apartment!  Hence the reason why we have long processing time and offer limited shipping options.  We really appreciate your visit to our site and your contribution to help keep small businesses like us afloat. Thanks again for your support!


Happy hacking :)