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RCM Jig 2.0
RCM Jig 2.0
RCM Jig 2.0
RCM Jig 2.0

RCM Jig 2.0

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Hello and welcome to my new store! I have spent the past week completely redesigning the RCM Jig for increased safety and ease of use, resulting in a model that causes zero abrasion or unnecessary stress to the connector on your device--something that the creators of the paperclip jigs never took into account. I wanted a jig that has no chance of damaging my console or wearing out the connectors, and I am finally able to bring that idea to fruition and deliver it to you guys. Let me introduce RCM Jig 2.0 with a video of it in action!

I designed the contact pins to interface with the connector natively; just like the real controller's pins do, leaving no risk of wearing out the port on your device. I am so confident in this model because I have outlined a new manufacturing process that enables me to bring the prices down a bit as well.

For a single jig shipped anywhere in the US, I am simply asking for $10 out the door. Happy to ship anywhere in the world for an extra $5!

I have no interest in making the cheapest jig in the world, I am simply interested in getting tinkerers around the world something quality that's both easy to use and guaranteed to work. I feel like I have just hit the perfect ratio between price and reliability.

I really like my new design, and I have no doubts you guys will too.

Current order processing time is 2-3 business days.

Note: I am not responsible for any damage caused to your device as a result of using one my jigs. It is your responsibility to know how these work and to also know what you are doing with it.

If you want to print it yourself, you can find the file here

Some points for clarification:
You absolutely do not need this jig to get your switch into RCM mode, it's just the simplest and safest
Every jig that I sell is fully assembled and tested to be in 100% working condition

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